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Time is not passing. by sandiebelle
The beginning of the story. by sandiebelle
Moment of ........... by craciun
Northampton Sunset 3 by MountainInspirations
Frozen Lake by MarvinDiehl
Yellow Mountain by Sion-Rhee
First light by dandragos
Swedish Lappland 13 by IGhengisKhanI
Top of Cactus by Gamerlunalicious
Lezard blue Swaziland by KlaraDrielle
rose 50 by EphemeralMind
Stones by IGhengisKhanI
Animals and Insects
duck duck by cms-star
Simplicity by KlaraDrielle
The posing reindeer by IGhengisKhanI
Samoyed by FridaSort
Sky Shots
Sunset by IGhengisKhanI
Hello, from the other side by dashakern
Sunsetimpression 2 by bluesgrass
High-Flying by bluesgrass
Plants and Trees
bicolor bark by cms-star
Bell of luck color by Niophee
Thyme on Ashes by IGhengisKhanI
Swaziland by KlaraDrielle
Colors of the Fading Year by dashakern
.: The Elders :. by hugogracaphotography
Rapadalen 1 by IGhengisKhanI
Baume les messieurs by KlaraDrielle
Pencil practice by Erikjr21
High and Mighty by FineArtCandice
In My Nature by ltuininga
Frozen by MountainInspirations
Graceful Waters by Beautyunleashed109
Brandywine Springs by FauxHead
Memories by GuardianOfShigeru
Broken Hearted by Cosmic-Cherry-Tree
Deep blue sea by hannah-nolan
Flight in the sunset by Eclipseo
Drops of Saturn by masterlemons
Beneath the stream by Masdevallia
Majestic Places CONTEST
Stonehenge by mhzdsgn
People and Nature
Clever enough by OlivierAccart
People and Civilization
Home with a view by Soffeline
Pieces of Nature
minuscule mirrors by cms-star
Hi all!!

I've logged back on after a LONG time, I know.....
and it's sad to see the group is dying!

I created the group to spread pictures of our beautiful natural world that we live in and want it to stay alive!! There is some amazing talent out there!!

If you would like to help keep this group running, comment down below if you are willing to become a contributor!!

In order to become a contributor you must:

- be able to log on to DA at LEAST three times a week
- be willing to accept/decline posts and sort into the categories
- provide a full justification as to why posts are declined

Will be looking for at least 3 contributors so let me know if you'd like a position!!

Much love,

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Please familiarize yourself with our gallery folders and where to submit your work: the-great-outdoors.deviantart.…

:bulletblue: Two deviations can be submitted per week.

:bulletblue: Please only submit pieces that are obviously outdoor.

:bulletblue: Contents of the Featured folder are chosen by the admins.

:bulletblue: If you want feedback, please leave a comment in the deviation submission process saying that you would like feedback. Our group gets a lot of traffic and we don't always have time to leave feedback.

:bulletblue: We accept zoo photos as long as unnatural elements aren't included, like the bars or glass of an animal's enclosure. However, the exhibits must be outdoor; indoor exhibits will be declined.

:bulletblue: We aren't an elitist group, but we reserve the right to decline pieces if we think they lack artistic quality, don't fit in the gallery, or if we simply don't like them. If we decline something, that isn't your invitation to resubmit it unless we specifically tell you to do so. We recognize repeats and if we declined them once, we'll gladly do it again.

:star: We decline the following:
-- deviations submitted to the wrong folder, or deviations that have multiple subjects that don't go in a specific folder, regardless of quality
-- nudity or implied nudity, sexually-themed pieces, etc.
-- man-made subjects that take away from the natural feel of the piece
-- anything close-up that shows no evidence of being outdoors
-- urban pieces
-- photos/drawings that have writing on them
-- infrared photography
-- pieces whose subject is of poor quality
-- photomanipulations
-- over- or under-exposed photos
-- anything that has been excessively edited to the point of looking unnatural
-- animal sex, violence, and/or death

:bulletblue: All traditional pieces, regardless of subject, must go in the Traditional folder. Likewise, any digital piece, regardless of subject, must go in the Digital folder.

:bulletblue: If, for whatever reason, you encounter a problem within the group, please note us and discuss the issue in private. We will do what we can to rectify the problem.

:bulletblue: Please don't submit the same thing to more than one folder. If you're unsure of the category it belongs in, ask an admin. If one thing is submitted to multiple folders, it will all be declined.

:bulletblue: No rude or inappropriate words or behaviour will be permitted.

Have fun, be respectful, and feel free to join!











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MarvinDiehl Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2016   Photographer
Submitted 2 photos over 2 months....both expired- I think this group is dead then.
MamzelleZephyr Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2016  Hobbyist Photographer
my submission expired. I think this group is dead :(
Yuukon Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2016   Photographer
Is this group still active?
Erikjr21 Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
yeah, It can take a minute to get things submitted but it gets done at least with in a few days.
Yuukon Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2016   Photographer
Some of my pictures have been waiting for weeks now.
Erikjr21 Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh I am sorry I guess your right. I have been voting them on but I guess the other guy is MIA. Sorry about that. He made the group I only vote and I do it regularly. 
(1 Reply)
gamuzaXD Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2015  Student Photographer
Follow me on instagram!! :D

Thanks! :D
OlivierAccart Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2014  Professional Photographer
MamzelleZephyr Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Hello ! My submission hasn't been accepted nor denied but it has waited for a loong time... Is there anyone around here?
craciun Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2014
Hello! I think I'am last Contributor who voting here... :(
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